Cybersecurity & protection

Our technology consultants are specialists in the latest IT solutions and how they can be adapted to the way you work.

Cybersecurity & protection

In a world where an increasing amount of devices and network applications are connected to the internet or hosted in the cloud, maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of data is a primary task for companies. 

At eSpaceLand, we have been providing cyber security & protection consultancy and implementation services for over 20 years, helping our client stay protected as they grow.

Where do we deliver value?


Cyber criminals don’t discriminate against business type, size or background, in fact almost half of all cyber attacks in Europe target small or medium-szied businesses. Secure your business data and systems with industry-standard managed security products and let our team educate your staff on how to prevent unauthorised access.


Did you know that more than half of all data breaches can go unnoticed for up to 2 years? If intrusions to your network do not get detected straight away then the cosequences may not truly be felt until it is way too late! Our cybersecurity services keep you protected 24/7.


Getting the correct monitoring tools and processes in places in critical, but what happens when a breach is detected? Your business needs to move fast to shut down the attacked and limit any further damage. Our team are specialists in implementing cybersecurity response strategies that will allow you to back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal damage.

Continuous assessment

Just as companies evolve, so do threats, which is why continuous assessment is so important. Our team will ensure that your business security systems continues to grow with you, providing you with a robust and future-proof security strategy.